Friday, April 18, 2008

BananaSlug - an interesting variation on Search Engines

Google and Yahoo! are the two most popular search engines right now. There are dozens of others; here is a list of a 100 alternative search engines.

I recently found a fun variation on search engines. BananaSlug takes the pattern you want and throws in an extra word:

"With normal Google searching, there are many web pages that you may never have a chance to see. So BananaSlug throws in a random word from a category of your choice. This results in pages you probably overlooked. They all have your search term in them, but the added twist gives you something new every time!"

BananaSlug tries to avoid the more popular web sites and allow you to explore The Long Tail.

I enjoyed playing around with it. BananaSlug led me to some pages I hadn't see before.

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Mrs. C said...

OK Banana Slug is strange. It's kind of like Google meets Mad Libs or something.

Henry Cate said...

That is a great description!