Saturday, March 29, 2008

Space Access 2008 - Timothy Bendel from Frontier Astronautics

Timothy Bendel says Frontier Astronautics provides services and sub components. They have done work for Matsen Space Systems and SpeedUp. He showed a test they did for SpeedUp. They are based in a missile silo.

Another customer is building a robot to go down through ice. Timothy asked if he could help when the robot is taken down to the Antarctica.

Timothy went through a dozen or so businesses they have worked for over the last year.

He showed pictures of their facility. They have a four hundred ton blast door! They are in the process of getting a license for test flights. They will be a private spaceport. Timothy talked about the benefits of being in Wyoming. Currently the state of Wyoming has a surplus and using the money to diversify their economic base.

The full agenda

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