Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yet another fun geography game

McMama left a comment about a fun interactive U.S. geography game by Scott Bryce. I got 96 out of 96. It appears you get two points for each state, with Hawaii and Alaska not being options.

On the state capitals I did poorly, getting out 26 out of 50.

(Update I - 23 Feb 2008) Janine noticed the game didn't work in Firefox. I asked Scott about it. He explains that he wrote the game back awhile ago in Javascript.

Here are the other geography games we've mentioned: Place The State, Traveler IQ Challenge, and Statetris.

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1 comment:

Mrs. C said...

Gotta try this. Since I moved to Australia when we were learning the capitals in Social Studies, I'll probably get all the Eastern states and then bomb LOL!

But I know where Australia is on the map and maybe a few other countries, too LOL!

I'm going to learn state capitals with my kiddos in the next couple years when they learn them. :]