Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spunky may be taking another blogging break

Spunky has announced that she may be taking a another blogging break.

And she'll "in a live (via phone) radio interview with Phyllis Shlafley at 10AM (EST)" on February 2nd.

I wish Spunky and her family the best.

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Spunky said...

Thanks for the link and wishing me well. I'm actually torn about all of this blogging stuff. I have stuff to day on my blog, but I have stuff to do in my house. Sigh! I'm not sure what will be the future of it all. But in any event it's good to be around again for whatever time I'm can devote to it. In fact, I actually posted again tonight because an Arkansas legislator left comments defending Huckabee that I didn't feel I could ignore.

In any case, even during my year off, I've kept up with your blog and the excellent posts you have written. Its nice to know that there are others out there watching the news and telling us all what's going on.

Henry Cate said...

Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. You are greatly missed. I feel like Newton, trying to stand on the shoulders of giansts.

One of the problems of life is trying to pick and chose from so many good options. Some are good, some are better, and some are vital. The challenge is figuring out what we were born to do.