Saturday, January 19, 2008

More on Diversity vs. Math

I enjoyed this interview with Jay Greene by Michael F. Shaughnessy. Michael seems to interview almost anyone connected with education. He even interviewed me.

This interview focused on a recent article which reported that most Education Colleges and Universities have many more courses on multiculturalism than math. We mentioned this earlier this week. Jay Greene explains that one of the reasons for this focus is:

"One of the six standards that NCATE requires for accreditation is entirely devoted to diversity. Education schools that de-emphasize these social goals risk losing their accreditation."

Research like this shows how unprepared are so many public school teachers. It also explains why so many sharp teachers get fed up and quit. They can see through "diversity training" classes and recognize them as brainwashing sessions.

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Matthew K. Tabor said...

It also keeps plenty of sharp college students away from the education schools and, as the inevitable result, out of the profession.