Friday, January 18, 2008

Interesting post on YouTube traffic

I enjoyed this post: YouTube’s Traffic Continues to Snowball. YouTube is dominating the online video market with about 30%, the next closest compeditor has just 4%. The article said:

"During November, 138 million people, or about three-quarters of Internet users in the United States, watched on average 3 hours and 15 minutes of online video, or 45 minutes more than they watched in January. That’s still less than the amount of time average Americans spend in front of their TVs each day. "

Amazing. Maybe television networks will soon become the next horse and buggy.

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ChristineMM said...

YouTube is being used for so many reasons.

Recently I found out a naturopath whose books I read and who I've seen lecture in person (as he lives and works in my state) has put his lectures up on YouTube. I guess the lectures, if they interest a person, can help generate sales of his books and his products related to the unique line of products he sells. (It is Dr. Peter D'Adamo of "Eat Right 4 Your Type".)

Other people are watching television shows on YouTube (i.e. 20/20's Stupid in America segment).

Watching clips of what the Presidential hopefuls are saying is a faster easier way to catch up on the news when I have not watched TV news.

And I also watch YouTube when I hear media buzz over something then I can go view the original thing myself!

Lastly my niece, just turned 11, was showing it to my sons and my nieces and nephews, showing funny videos. She says "all the kids at school" watch them. Some had profanity in them.

My friend was saying her 10 year old son was talking about YouTube videos and she'd never seen YouTube. I showed her and she was amazed. However I also showed her how even if you watch a G rated clip it scrolls the most popular items being watched and just then as if on cue one popped up that was explicit and x-rated and she was aghast.

So even if kids are on YouTube watching G-rated videos they can see things that are inappropriate, even if it is just that small screen that scrolls...that is a problem in my eyes.

Idaho Dad said...

During my efforts to finish our basement with framing and drywall, I discovered an amazing number of do-it-yourself videos on YouTube. Being able to watch a carpenter frame in a door or hang ceiling drywall was invaluable to me. I used to think YouTube was all about silly videos, but now I view it as an extremely useful resource for my own education!