Monday, January 14, 2008

Ed Driscoll on the future of television

The last several years has seen a great decline in the power of newspaper. Newspaper sales have dropped off because many people use blogs to follow the news.

Blogs provide great flexibility for both the content producers and the readers. Janine and I can write about what we find interesting. Those who click on our posts and enjoy them can return for future posts. Blogs provide many more options for finding what you are interested in reading about.

Ed Driscoll has an interesting thought in I Wonder If This Scares CNN? He extends the trends with blogs to sites like Youtube and their effect on traditional television. For example a recent show on (which I hadn't heard of before) attracted about 400,000 viewers. Contrast this "CNN in primetime attracted less than 700,000 daily viewers" as of 2005. The amazing thing is CNN has a huge budget, and these online sites typically have a much smaller budget.

Ed is right; CNN should be scared.

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