Monday, December 31, 2007

No interpretive dance

Janine directs 80% to 90% of the homeschooling in our home. She manages and organizes the day to day tasks. On a good week she'll build a fairly detailed list so our girls know what they are responsible for accomplishing that week.

One of the areas I help is working with my older daughters to have them read useful books, as opposed to just entertaining books. As part of this process my daughter is suppose to give me some feedback. Normally this is verbal. I want to make sure they read the chapter, and that they understand it.

Recently I had my oldest daughter start in on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. She was fussing a bit about not wanting to give a verbal report. I said fine that there were other reasonable options. I brainstormed a bit, she could write a report, build a comic strip, throw together a collage, make something with clay, and so on. Finally a bit exasperated she said she got the idea, but she wasn't going to do an interpretive dance. We both laughed.

She claims not to know where the idea of an interpretive dance came from. Maybe I'll have to find a reward for doing an interpretive dance.

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