Thursday, November 29, 2007

Children have little privacy in public schools

Every so often a company will get in trouble when it accidently releases information about individuals. In contrast Mary of the Home Education Magazine writes about how children in public schools have little privacy. I was surprised to find that public schools release name, address, phone numbers and grade levels to pretty much anyone who asks for the information.

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Rebecca said...

Sad but true. I was SHOCKED when at a planning meeting for VBS it was suggested that we obtain names and addresses of children in our community from the public schools to send invitations for VBS. I didn't know prior to that that schools would do this, and it really bothered me. Many of the people on our planning committee are teachers and thought this was a great idea. I bet it rubs them the wrong way when *they* get unsolicited phone calls and advertisements because someone sold or gave away their information.

Henry Cate said...

With the internet we have a lot less privacy than we use to. I was surprised that public schools would give out information so freely.