Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Basketball and parenting

A little bit of humor:

Years ago a friend told me that parenting is like basketball:

When you have the first child you can double team them.

With two children you go to man-on-man.

But with three children you have to use a zone defense.

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Phil said...

Funny. I once blogged about a similar sports/parenting quote from Jerry Seinfeld about having more than one child:

"I like to think of it in terms of football. Having the first kid is like getting tackled midfield. Once the players start piling on, it doesn't really seem to matter how many of them are on top of you."

Derek said...

By the fourth child, hopefully the oldest is playing on your side and you can go back to man-on-man :-P (Yeah, go change her diaper while we get these two ready...)

Henry Cate said...

Good point. My wife has told several of our friends that foster care is easier than we expected, at least in one sense, because our daughters want to help. Our thirteen year old wants a turn. Then our eleven year old wants to help. And our seven year old wants to follow her sisters example. Then back to our oldest daughter.