Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lisa Russell on the "S" word

Lisa Russell has a well written article titled No Thank You, We Don't Believe in Socialization in the recent Home Educator's Family Times Newsletters.

If you have ever struggled with how to address the socialization issue, check her article out. I gratly enjoyed it.

(Hat tip: Corn and Oil)

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Dizzy Dezzi said...

Great link, great read. I was reading it out loud to my husband and we both whole-heartedly agree that "socialization" is not for us. We both remember being bullied and bored at school (most times). I would not wish that kind of "socialization" on anyone's child. As a matter of fact, one of the most notable complaints I got about my oldest the year before we decided to home-school him (9 years ago) was that he was "talkative" in class. In turns out he was only talkative after finishing his class work and waiting around for his young class mates to finish, sometimes for 30 min or more. What active kid can sit quietly doing NOTHING for 30 minutes. When asked why the teacher could not find him something to keep him occupied (and quiet), the teacher told me that she didn't have the time. That's about when I made the time to home-school.

Henry Cate said...

"That's about when I made the time to home-school."

You are a smart woman!

At times I feel sorry for the public schools. They are giving so many conflicting and competing goals.

But you are right, children should not be told to be bored for 30 minutes. Especially day after day.

Kelly Malloy said...

Great link! Too often school is associated with socializing rather than for providing an education..

Henry Cate said...

And too often the socialization students get in public schools is negative.