Monday, October 22, 2007

A few recent posts from Joanne Jacobs

Joanne Jacobs does a great job of staying on top of education news.

In No college app, no high school diploma is the news of another stupid idea from Maine. "Maine’s education commission wants to require high school seniors to apply to college to qualify for a diploma." I have trouble wrapping my mind around this. Why in the world do you need to apply for college to have a high school diploma?

NYC teachers agree to merit pay as long as the school administration doesn't call it "merit pay."

This sounds like an interesting career to check out: The $40,000 college coach. The opening line is: "Wealthy, anxious parents are willing to pay as much as $40,000 to Michele Hernandez, a college coach who will start in eighth grade prepping students for an elite college." As I understand the article more than one parent is paying her fee. I wonder how many children she works with at the same time?

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Sebastian said...

The college coach gig sounds like my retirement job when I get my three youths into their own futures.