Friday, September 21, 2007

When public schools drive parents to homeschooling

Dana at Principled Discovery reports of a public school that drove parents to homeschool their son.

A knife accidently ended up in a boy's bag at school. Tyler D'Allesandro, the boy, showed it to a friend. A third boy grabbed the knife and waved it around. Tyler put the knife back in his bag and took it home. The school decides to investigate and Michael Brumbaugh, the dean of the school, goes into the home without the permission of the parents. Michael takes the knife from the home.

The parents complain. The school decided to suspend the student for a couple days. The more the parents complain, the bigger the penality. Finally the school decides to expell Tyler, and his parents turn to homeschooling.

This is a classic case of Zero Intelligence gone bad.

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Raymond 'Doc' Burkhart said...

When we were in Hawaii, we were faced with having to make a similar decision.

The public schools there spend more per student than anywhere else in the country, yet continually rank in the lowest results.

There is a powerful teacher's lobby in Hawaii, and they discourage home education fully.

Doc Burkhart
The Christian Homeschool Network USA
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Henry Cate said...

I understand how public school teachers try to protect their turf.

What I find it fascinating that as a group public school teachers are much more likely to send their children to private schools.

They know there is a problem with public schools, and they don't want their own children to suffer.