Saturday, September 29, 2007

Reaons to blog

Recently I was reminded of various reasons bloggers blog. Lynx at One-sixteenth writes:

"Okay, we'll try something new here, since I haven't been blogging about homeschooling (or anything), and since my parents kind of subtly mentioned that my blog no longer let them see what their grandkids were doing."

Five months ago it was estimated that there were over 70 million blogs! That is a lot of blogs.

When Janine and I first started to blog we were mainly going to use the blog as a draft for a book. That lasted for a week or two.

We continued blogging with the goal of supporting homeschoolers and encouraging parents to consider homeschooling. We use this forum as a way to influence society towards what we believe is a better way for children to be educated.

I've also noticed that our blog has become an extension of my memory.

There are other reasons people blog. Some blog to be famous. Some blog for fun. Some blog to make money.

Here is a partial list of reasons to blog:

1) To stay in touch with family

2) To help in writing a book

3) To promote ideas and try to influence society

4) To extend your memory

5) To be famous

6) For fun

7) To make money


8) To vent (A suggestion from Judy Aron)

If you are not blogging, you might want to reconsider. It can be fun. It is easy to get started. Blogger makes it easy.

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DavidofOz said...

Bruggie Tales is our living history. We now have over 4.5 years worth of history of our life and adventures which has proved a boon in sharing with family, but more importantly, recording important milestones.
It was the best thing we did.

Henry Cate said...

I do feel that our blogging has been a good thing.

I often think of:

"You say the little efforts that I make will do no good; that they never will prevail to tip the hovering scale where justice hangs in the balance. I don't think I ever thought they would. But I am prejudiced beyond debate in favor of my right to choose which side shall feel the stubborn ounces of my weight."

- Bonaro Overstreet

Judy Aron said...

I dunno - Henry I just blog so I can vent...

Robert M. Lindsey said...

Numbers 3, 7 & 8. Though shortly after starting I found I didn't really have the time to post as often as I should. I also don't have time to read as many blogs as I was doing there for a while.