Monday, September 24, 2007

Music lessons

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Last week I started taking trumpet lessons. Since I started playing trumpet again after a 23 year break, I figured I needed all the help I could get.

A friend of mine has a daughter who plays trumpet. She and some other parents made a deal with a professional trumpet player who teaches in a city about 30 minutes away. One of the parents would host the lessons here. The teacher would drive down and teach all the lessons back to back at this home. I felt a little funny waiting with the middle school and high school students and their parents.

When I've taken lessons before (when I was a child), the music teacher taught many different instruments. This teacher only does trumpet. I was impressed with his skill and knowledge.

On a sad note, my oldest daughter's clarinet teacher died suddenly last week after a short illness. This woman had been involved for years with the music program at a local middle school. We attended a memorial service at the school

It felt a little strange being at the middle school. I wondered how my oldest daughter felt about being at the school. I was worried that she would feel uncomfortable or left out. We left early from the service because it was getting late for my younger children. My oldest came home with a family friend. I was surprised that she wanted to stay longer. She only knew a few kids from band camp, church and soccer.

I asked her about it this morning.

Me: How did you feel when we attended the memorial service at the middle school.

My daughter: It was kind of sad. (Referring to the woman who had died.)

Me: I mean how did you feel about being at the school?

My daughter: (Blank look) How was I supposed to feel?

Me: Did you have any thoughts about school?

My daughter: (Another blank look) Like what?

Me: Did you wonder what it would be like to go to school? Did you wish that you went to school.

My daughter: (Still looking puzzled)

Me: So you were comfortable?

My daughter: (Blushing) Well, (blank- name of boy she likes) was there. And you better not use his name on your blog.

She definitely doesn't feel left out or uncomfortable. As a child, I would have been miserable out of my own territory. I would have felt bad that my friends were in the group that was performing and I wasn't. I'm happy she doesn't have my hang ups about fitting in or keeping up with the Jones.

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Sandy said...

I can relate. This past weekend, I asked my 12yo daughter, "Did you know Erin(a 15yo friend from co-op) wants to go to public school?" "WHY??" Becca replied.

I am relieved and pleased that my kids enjoy homeschooling enough that this is one struggle we do not have.

Janine Cate said...

I think one of the reasons we don't struggle with this is that our children have never been to school so they don't expect to hang out with their friends all day. Also, we are very careful to give them opportunities to do things with other youth through soccer league, church, homeschool park day, homeschool co-op, homeschool ensemble, etc., so they don't feel like the world is passing them by.