Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cate Academy is back in session

We got off to a bit of a limping start last week. The two youngest girls went on a 10 day trip with their grandparents and they were pretty wiped out when they got home late a week ago Sunday night, so we didn't do much school that Monday.

Having grown up attending school and being tied to the school year, I find that I get anxious if I depart too much from the traditional school calendar. Psychologically, I realize that they learned at lot on that trip, but I still worry that we are "getting behind" the kids at school or those super homeschools who go year round.

Every year I plan to "do school" during the summer. Every year around the end of June, I just run out of steam. We do a lot of educational things during the summer, but not like during the "school" year. I call it my unschooling phase.

Another thing that interferes with year round "homeschool" is summer camp. My oldest daughter spent a week away at a church camp in the mountains. My two oldest daughters then spent 3 weeks in a half day music camp. So, before I even blink, a month of the summer is gone. Soccer season starts the last week of August, so there you have it, the summer is over.

Our homeschool co-op started back up last week and mentally that marks the beginning of a new "homeschool" year for me. So here's to a new year of homeschooling

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mrsghost said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one! Every summer I have big plans. This year it was to use what we had learned and do a fun project every week- sort of a review time. But, my son was gone half the time and the summer just got away from us!