Thursday, May 10, 2007

We brought too much stuff

We have got to do a better job of packing light. We brought too much stuff. Usually, we only do carry on luggage. This trip we have a few extra bags, so we ended up checking a few things. Also, the older girls wanted to bring their instruments. Thus we had to carry on a violin and a clarinet. Since we will be gone a month, it is easy to over pack. I have this dream of taking our family backpacking through Europe. With the way we pack for a trip stateside, I do see that happening any time soon.

Well, as Henry mentioned Madelyn’s suitcase was lost. We waited for a half hour and filed a claim and went on our way. It was probably a good thing the bag went missing. The rental car was packed to the roof. I couldn’t see out the back window.

During dinner, we got a call from Southwest that they found our bag and would deliver it to the hotel. I was worried where we would put it. I called the rental place. We had a full size car with a tiny trunk. I asked if I could exchange it for a car with a bigger trunk. They said sure. So, while the kids were getting reading for bed, I drove the 3 miles back to the airport.

(I’m proud of myself. I actually got there and back by myself without getting lost.) When I got to the rental place and explained my dilemma, the manager pointed out a few different cars with bigger trunks. As I was getting ready to go and look at the trunk size, he says, “Oh, you could just take that minivan over there.”

I asked, "How much?" He replied that it would cost the same since he had some minivans he was trying to get rid of. I could have almost hugged him. So, I got a free upgrade to a minivan. I went into the office to make the exchange.

The two men working behind the counter were such slugs. I’ve never seen anyone work that slow. For each customer, the clerk would walk out to the garage, find a car and bring the key back in. They walked so slowly. I didn’t expect them to run, but the leisurely stroll was quite irritating. A brisk walk would have been more appropriate.

Also, they weren’t very observant. When I booked the rental car, I did some research and found discount codes which make the rental cheaper and also allowed for the addition of a second driver for free. When we had originally checked in at the counter and Henry and I both showed our driver’s licenses, the clerk mumbled, “That will cost you extra.” I replied, “No it’s not.” and pointed out that section of my reservation.

I kept wondering to myself, “How much do these guys make? Whatever it is, they aren’t worth it.” Since both clerks walked in the same way, I wondered if they were intentionally going so slowly because they were mad about working so late. (It was about 10pm by this time.)

Anyway, I happily returned to the hotel with the minivan. So, even if we brought too much stuff, we have someplace to put it.


Rusty said...

I have this dream of taking our family backpacking through Europe. With the way we pack for a trip stateside, I do see that happening any time soon.

Take a look at Journey to Ancient Civilizations, a blog journaling a homeschooled family of five through Europe.

Have a great trip.

Janine Cate said...

Thanks for the link