Saturday, May 26, 2007

The US spent an average of $8,701 per student on elementary and secondary education in 2005

This caught my eye in a Google alert: U.S. spends average of $8,701 per pupil on education. New York has the highest spending per student at $14,119 per student. Utah has the lowest at $5,257 per pupil.

I thought this was fascinating:

"... Washington, D.C., has among the highest spending in the country but its students have among the lowest scores on standardized tests, while some states like Montana with relatively low spending have fairly high performance on tests."

The next time someone claims we need more money for education, challenge their assumption that more money will help education. We don't need more money, but money spent more wisely. Maybe we should put the educrates in Montana over the education programs in New York.

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Leticia said...

I live on Long Island, the highest tax area of the nation. Our school budget last year was the highest increase on Long Island, a whopping 29%! The news cameras captured the drama as the residents voted the budget down, twice to a mere 23% increase!! We have a district of 900 kids, and our own overpaid superintendent who insists that consolidating districts with anothere small distric would be bad for the children. No, it would be detrimental to his job!
No wonder my homeschooling friends
are fleeing LI in droves!

Anonymous said...

THe fact is DC and NYC have large populations of poor, uneducated, families, many who don't speak English in their homes. These cities need ot spend money to help these populations just get to where the students in Montana start off. I hope you have a little bit more knowledge about the things you are teaching your children than what you are spouting on your blog.

Anonymous said...

LOL. They do need to spend more money to get these other students to where other kids start off. You are exactly right. These students start off genetically and culturally deficient. More money is not needed on these programs. Money is needed in eugenics.

Anonymous said...

We spend too much money on education. To much is spent on overhead and not enough at the student level. You send your kids to public school and have to educate them at night if you want any hope in getting a good education.

Henry Cate said...

"You send your kids to public school and have to educate them at night if you want any hope in getting a good education."

This is one reason why so many are turning to homeschooling.