Tuesday, March 20, 2007

ZeroIntelligence is active again!

One of the sad aspects of the blogosphere is how quickly blogs come and go. One of the first blogs I started to follow a couple years back was ZeroIntelligence.net. Jim Peacock would report on a latest insanity in public schools. Over the last decade there has been a huge push to have “zero tolerance” for drugs, crime, bullying, and so on. Often public school officials would over react. Jim documented some pretty crazy responses.

It was a bummer when Jim’s personal life got busy and he wasn’t able to keep ZeroIntelligence.net going. I have been checking back every month on the hope that Jim was able to find the time to post again. I was pleasantly surprised today to find the site was updated with several new posts. Jim is not posting. He has moved on. Jim is now homeschooling! Aaron Overton worked with Jim to take on the responsibilities to run the blog. Good job Aaron!

One of Aaron’s post is about a student who was expelled because two other students said he brought a gun to school. Think about that. Two students at Oakland High School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, claimed that another student bought a gun to school. The There was no evidence. But based on the two claims the student was expelled for a year. The one student said he didn’t bring a gun, that he doesn’t have a gun, and he has no access to a gun. But the school officials, because of “Zero Tolerance” decided to get rid of the one student. This really appears to be a prime case of ZeroIntelligence.

Aaron is asking for help. If you read about a case of some public schools using “Zero Tolerance” to justify treating students badly, please send him email at Submit a Tip.

I am looking forward to reading ZeroIntelligence more frequently now.

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Anonymous said...

I am familiar with this website. I was looking for information as our family was going and is going thru a zero tolerance issues. We and many other families find ourselves homeschooling in crisis situations. So heads up to you ole pros out there! Your expertise is greatly appreciated by people who are in crisis and need to know curriculums, materials and opportunities out there for them. Any help and support that you can be to people such as our family is GREATLY appreciated! I know cuz I've been there and am doing that!

Anonymous said...

Twelve year old suspended, facing expulsion, for arguing with accused sexual harasser
Jim | California | Monday, April 18th, 2005

Teacher accused of more harassment

Updated 31 March 2005: Megan Camacho expelled, complaints of harassment discarded.

Updated 18 April 2005: Warren retires after being cleared by school. Details at bottom of post.

Seventh-grader Megan Camacho, a student at Ethel Kucera Middle School in the Rialto School District, got into an oral argument with her teacher George Warren. She was suspended and now faces an expulsion. Megan was fed up by a pattern of sexual harassment by Warren and lost her temper.

Since Megan’s accusation, other girls have come forward as well.

Megan said Warren also stared at girls’ chests and bare legs. Warren is on paid administrative leave while the Rialto Unified School District investigates the claims.

Lydia Garcia said Warren would whistle and howl at her 12-year-old daughter.

Carlos Yvonne Malone said her daughter was sexually harassed by Warren two years ago as an eighth-grade student at Kucera.

Malone said her daughter, now 15, complained about Warren’s behavior. Malone said Warren would rub her daughter’s shoulders and back, making the girl uncomfortable.

Malone said she spoke to Warren about his behavior and he stopped touching her daughter but continued his behavior with other girls in her class.

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