Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You have six days to submit an entry to Unschooling Voices

Joanne, who blogs at A Day in Our Lives, hosts Unschooling Voices, a blog carnival of unschoolers.

She has put out the call for submissions to the March edition:

"There are two topics this month. Answer both, one...or neither and blog about something else (#1) Use the letters U-N-S-C-H-O-O-L to write about unschooling. Use what ever method you want, for example you can use each letter like "U is for..., N is for..". Or you can have each letter start a new sentence or paragraph or try writing an acronym. (#2) A topic that comes up on the unschooling e-mail groups a lot is TV/computer/video games and how hard it is for parents to let go of control in those areas. What has been your experience?"

Send entries to:, and put "unschooling voices" in the subject.

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1 comment:

Scott Hughes said...

The schools I went to hindered my learning. Unschooling allows children to actually learn.