Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Today my youngest and I went to McDonalds

Today for a daddy-daughter date, my youngest daughter wanted to go to McDonald's.

Our youngest is a real carnivore. She picks restaurants depending on which she thinks has the best sausage or bacon. I’ve been able to get her to try other restaurants. She also likes Denny’s, but she thinks McDonald's has the best sausage.

At breakfast my daughter asked some questions about what did I do when I was a child. She wanted to know what kinds of games I played, where I lived, and what I liked to do.

When I was about three my parents moved the family to update state New York. My parents found a house out in the country, hear some cow farms. There was one farm directly across the street from us. My daughter thought it was cool that I got to milk cows.

It was fun to chat with just my youngest.

First daddy-daughter date. Third daddy-daughter date.

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Hanley Family said...

I recently had to get my license renewed, and took just the one year old. I can't say we had any deep and meaningful conversations, but it was neat spending time just with her.

It was just my oldest for four years, and I remember when my son was first born feeling torn. I wanted time just with Mouse and time just with him.

Once Bug was born, she hardly got any of that at all. Her siblings are always about and she is just included in the activities. She seems to like it that way, but I think our little errand day was the first time we had an extended time with just the two of us.

Grizzly Mama said...

My youngest loves to hear stories from when I was a kid. I tell the same ones over and over again - she just loves to hear them.

Henry Cate said...

My youngest is going through a phase right now where she often asks how old I am. I'm not sure if just just doesn't bother to remember, or if she wants to make sure I keep telling her the same answer, or maybe just can't believe I am so old, or just what is going on.