Friday, February 23, 2007

Are teachers' unions in the news more now?

Last week Steve Jobs slammed teachers' unions.

Yesterday I got a Google alert that Diane Ravitch was hoping teachers' unions would to more to help public schools.

Just now I noticed that Mike Antonucci has two good posts on problems with teachers' unions.

A post today called Education and the True Conservatives was by Birch Walker. Birch writes about that teachers' unions are the ultimate conservatives and "are highly skilled at preserving the status quo." He gives some of the key details on how teachers' unions fight change. Unfortunately the tatics are effective.

In Where Do the Unions Go from Here? Ryan Boots writes that some of the teachers' unions traditional allies are now attacking teachers' unions. Ryan claims that "it's a sign that the nation's biggest organized labor organizations are fast wearing out their welcome." I don't see any real change in how teachers' unions operatein the next five years. There is too much inertia.

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