Friday, January 26, 2007

Cool links from reddit - 26 Jan 07

The following are some cool selections I found via

Everything Interesting (And More) has posted Top 10 Magic Trick Tutorial Videos. Each video was very clear. The magic tricks were cool. This would be a good place to start for a child with some interest in magic.

If you live in the United States, have you ever wondered how your state compares to nations in the world? Coyote Blog has posted a Cool Map, which relabeled each state by the name of a country with approximately the same GDP as the state.

Several years back my mother took in a German Shepard pup to raise to be a guide dog. There is an organization which is doing a similar thing with miniature horses. The Guide Horse Foundation has pictures and information. My daughters would love to do this. Unfortunately (or fortunately) my wife is allergic and we couldn't have a guide horse in our home. But it would be fun.

Have you ever wondered about the break down of the Frequency Allocations of the Radio Spectrum in the United States? This is a great graphic showing how each frequency range is allocated, created by the NTIA Office of Spectrum Management. Pretty cool.

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Janine S. said...

Wow! Thanks for posting such cool links. I'm going to show my nine year old son the magic trick tutorials.

Janine S.

Henry Cate said...

You are welcome. I am glad you enjoy them.