Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Are you looking for information on the Second Amendment?

David Hardy blogs at Of Arms and the Law. David has been supportive of the Carnival of Homeschooling and has often mentioned it.

He recently produced a documentary film on the Second Amendment: In Search of the Second Amendment. It appears to be very supportive of the right to bare arms. The film even has an entry in Wikipedia.

I have thought about taking my oldest two daughters to a gun safety class. I'll probably do it some time in the next year or two.

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MonicaR said...

We have been thinking about the gun safety classes, too. My oldest is 10 and I think within a couple of years we'll head to the range for that.

We have already discussed gun safety many times with them. We also have a video from when they were little about what to do it you find a gun - it's put out by the NRA I think. They get the song stuck in their heads once in awhile.

This is one situation where what your kids don't know CAN hurt them.

Susan said...

A lot of my kids' friends hunt and have taken classes with their dads for gun safety. I know our 4-H program here has a camp that dad and kids have attended for gun safety.
As those families are very careful and I don't think twice about the kids visiting there, I do have concerns when the kids are old enough to be out on their own after they have their own transportation. We have had terrible tragedies here where a gun was in the wrong hands and kids were just 'fooling around'.
Knowledge and education is everything while we protect all of our rights.