Saturday, December 16, 2006

Forced to Homeschool

And now from news of the weird...... Students now being ordered to be home schooled? Though technically that's not true. He will be a public student doing independent study at home.

Troy student won't be expelled in pellet gun case

December 15, 2006

JOLIET — A Troy Middle School student will be home schooled instead of being expelled for gun possession


Ryan Morgan said that on Nov. 15 he and another student heard that a gun had been stashed in a boys bathroom, finding it in a garbage can. Morgan reportedly put the gun in his pocket and then handed it over to an assistant principal about 10 minutes later in a cafeteria.


Suspension sought
Audrey Morgan said her son tried to do the “right thing.” The couple asked the board to give their son a 10-day suspension instead of sending him to an alternative school.

The board spent about three hours in closed session and then in public session voted unanimously for the home-schooling option. Izzo said administrators were bound by state law to bring an expulsion recommendation to the board.


When Ryan Morgan arrived home that day, he did not know that “he had been expelled,” she said. He provided “all the information that lead to the arrest of the other boy.”

Life is stranger than fiction. Don't you just love to see you tax payer dollars at work. I hope the boy has a good experience at home and never goes back to school.

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Sprittibee said...

Sounds like a reward, rather than a punishment.

Janine Cate said...

I agree. To bad his parents don't see it that way.

Birdie said...

I thought it was odd that the boy's parents would rather have had him suspended than to be ordered to homeschool him!

ChristineMM said...

I have blogged about this general topic before. I was told by teachers in Connecticut that the law at least in our state is as follows:
The state is legally bound to educate all the children in the state (even criminals). If a child is expelled for any reason the town or city must pay for private tutoring at the town or city's own expense (that is not technically home schooling). I was told by the teacher that it costs $15-20K for the town/city to pay the costs of the private tutor for ONE STUDENT.

Therefore the schools try to not expel students for general discipline issues.

Some schools have a suspension thing where they stay home during the day but go to school in the afternoon for 2 hours to do their schoolwork.

However if a student is arrested for a crime done at school then the school must expel them BUT the town must still pay for private tutoring at home. Technically that is NOT HOMESCHOOLING.

The teacher also explained to me that it is the reason that some students remain in school who are bullies or doing bad things in school but are NOT arrested for it---the administrators don't want the education budget money having to go to private tutoring for that problem child. This teacher told me "we would rather have the money going to pay for services for the good behaving students who attend school rather than taking money away from resources to give them a good education but instead to pay the more costly fees of a private tutor for the problem-causing kids". Of course the problem then is that the 'good kids' and 'good students' are affected by having to be in the building with the trouble makers.

In my town 3 8th graders were arrested for dealing pot and having pot in their possession. One good thing that came of it was for the suspension period they made all 3 kids go to one home for the servies of one tutor to save 2/3 the cost. Thank goodness! In that case also the schools barely gave any punishment regarding expulsion and suspension but instead made them do community service for punishment so they could get their bodies back in school to save money from the private tutor cost.

One parent told me that they wish the expelled student who were found guilty of a crime done in school shoudl be expelled and the education cost should be on the parents (such as they pay the private tutor, they homeschool or they send to a private school). However state law prevents this from happening. That Dad was saying if only the parent had to feel the financial sting of that maybe then they'd parent their kids better.