Monday, November 27, 2006

Selections from TTLB's Homeschool Community

I have a several dozen blogs and web sites I try to check most every day. One of them is The Truth Laid Bear's (TTLB) Homeschool Community.

If you have a blog and you haven't checked out TTLB before, go check it out. TTLB is a blog, but it has much more. I first became aware of TTLB when I noticed its ecosystem. It some ways it is like Sitemeter, but the focus is on how many other blogs link to a particular blog, rather than the traffic or hits. (Blogger has more information on hit counters like Sitemeter.) The TTLB's ecosystem is a fun way to see which blogs other bloggers reference. To join the ecosystem you need to register.

Another service TTLB provides is Blogosphere Communities. Currenty there are 44 communities, and it looks like it is pretty easy to suggest another community. About six months ago Dana, of Principled Discovery, was able to get the Bear to create a Homeschool Community.

The Homeschool Community has several features. It lists recent posts about homeschooling. It lists homeschooling posts which other bloggers are linking to. And it provides a ranking of homeschool blogs in terms of how many other blogs link to a particular blog. The first two features are almost like a homeschool carnival. Every day there is a different list. Not all of the posts are directly related to or supporting homeschooling. The following are a few selections:

Daryl Cobranchi of HE&OS interprets a recent article on preschool in NEWSPEAK TRANSLATED.

Joanne of A Day in Our Lives quotes an article from the New York Times in New York Times on Unschooling. Thoughts of an Average Woman writes Unschooling Still a Bogeyman in response to the same New York Times article. In reference to the article Daryl makes an interesting observation: "Homeschooling is now too mainstream (and successful) for the MSM to pick on. Not so for unschooling."

Danny Homeschooling Dad warns parents about What's being taught in schools: Parental Divorce. Danny warns that public schools are teaching children to divorce their parents.

The Thinking Mother shares My Thoughts About What Homeschooling Parents Do, Opinions of Others, Finding Support and Friendships.

From Tales of a Farmwife is My little archaeologists. This is the type of learning that will stick a lot longer than a few books.

At What Would Phoebe Do is a post on Child-led learning which says unschooling is a bad idea.

The TTLB Homeschool community is a good site to check out now and then. If you haven't looked at it before, give it a try.

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Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Thanks for the useful info. I signed Alasandra up with TTLB and visited the Homeschooling Community.

Thanks for keeping us informed, on the latest and greatest in blogging

Hanley Family said...

It is theoretically easy to set up a new community. I proposed the community months before it was approved, and there was a bit of excitement when NZ Bear announced he'd be taking more on, but none seem to have come up. I think he's either hibernating or a bit backlogged : )