Thursday, September 28, 2006

Links to interesting posts - 28 Sep 2006

Tenniel, of SCHOOL@HOME, has a delightful post about using the American Girl books to teach history. My oldest daughter read the books and enjoyed them. Children learn so much more when they are interested and see the information as relevant.

At EveryWakingHour WJFR explores the difference between Fantasy and Imagination. She writes: "Montessori maintains that imagination is a development of higher consciousness and is dependent upon a prior ability to distinguish fact from fantasy." Later WJFR writes that Montessori saw value in both Fantasy and Imagination. A thoughtful post.

Anne, the PalmTree Pundit, quotes from a recent appearance by Bill Cosby who asked "Why can't students practice algebra for hours like teams practice sports?"

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Donna said...

Thanks for the great links. I enjoyed the posts. Donna