Wednesday, August 30, 2006

John Stossel with Stupid in America is back

Judy Aron found Stupid in America at YouTube.

And EdWatch reports that ABC's 20/20 will be replaying it this Friday, September 1. This originally aired in January of this year. EdWatch says:

"The widely viewed program created quite a stir after it first aired, and Stossel has been heavily criticized by the education establishment for making this program. Pam von Gohren, longtime Minnesota school choice activist and home education pioneer, is among the parents interviewed. She introduces the program theme: American kids aren't stupid; the system is stupid."

Here is the transcript.

John Stossel does a good job of details many of the problems with public schools in America. He presents a strong case for public schools in America being broken.

If you have not read or watched his report I encourage you to check it out. And you might want to tell your friends and family to watch the report.

Update I (30 Aug 06)
Gary at HomeSchoolBuzz found a recent John Stossel column: Schools need competition now. Near the end John Stossel says "Some parents choose to homeschool for religious reasons, but homeschooling has been increasing by 10 percent a year because so many parents are just fed up with the government's schools."

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Jennifer Armstrong said...

Scary stuff.

Henry Cate said...

Yes. I think most parents don't realize all the things that are happening in public schools these days.

One of my favorite books reviewing the current state of public schools is Inside American Education
by Thomas Sowell. It is an eye opening book.