Thursday, August 31, 2006

Frazz on going back to school

I check out Frazz, a comic strip, pretty much every day. A friend who introduced me to Frazz said Frazz reminded him of Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes. Frazz is quirky, but not near as zanny as Calvin. Frazz works at an elementry school as the janitor. This week's strips have been about going back to school.

It started off with a student appealing to Frazz to postpone the start of school.

The next day we found out how one student sees public schools, like being eaten by a shark.

Today's stip was the best. The same student proposes making school more palatable by having a lunch box with a distracting sound system.

If you enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes you might give Frazz a try.

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1 comment:

Tsoniki said...

Thanks for sharing! I love Calvin and Hobbes (as does my daughter) and never heard of Frazz. :)