Saturday, July 08, 2006

Some recent homeschooling news via Google Alerts

Here is some news about homeschoolers I found via Google Alert:

11-year-old tennis phenom Madison Keys is a homeschooler. She started tennis at 4 because she wanted to wear the outfits. Ahsha Rolle is a tennis pro at 21, and she was homeschooled. And just to show that homeschoolers are into other sports, Christina Johnson is heading off to the USA Junior Olympic Taekwondo. In contrast to Madison Keys' interest in fashion, Christina got started with Taekwondo because of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Homeschooling Nathan Matias is heading off to Cambridge University. Part of the article is on how Nathan's father came from a poor village in Guatemala. His father realized the importance of education and self-taught himself.

Michael Cook and his family are swaping houses with a family in India. Rebecca Cook will be homeschooling their two children. This is something we've done a little in the past. For example we swapped houses for two weeks with a family in Hawaii. Our dream is to swap houses with someone in London, or atleast England.

Kayla Johnson found 4-H goes well with homeschooling.

Karla Paskewitz escaped the social cliques off highschool and used an online school to get a better education.

Times starts off an article on home education in the Britian with an account of how the Harrison family went into hiding back in 1970. The article says about 150,000 children are home educated in the Britain.

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hey...was reading at today. Steve Walden has a post up about a site called and copying work from other bloggers. It looks like your blog is one they hit. Might want to check into it.