Friday, July 28, 2006

Links to interesting postings - 28 July 2006

Valerie Bonham Moon has a thoughtful post on The curious love affair with American high school sports — and one man’s opinion about why homeschoolers aren’t invited. Having lived abroad Valerie had some insight into the American tradition of school spirit.

I enjoyed this article: The road increasingly traveled: Homeschooling. It is a fair coverage of some of the reasons more people are turning to homeschooling. (Hat tip: HS Blog - HomeSchool Blog)

I remember seeing some mention in other blogs about a recent study which found that the average working parent spent an average of 19 minutes a day with their children. This article: 19 minutes - how long working parents give their children reviews some of the findings of the study. The Office of National Statistics found that parents who work full-time spend just 19 minutes every day caring for their own children, and another 16 minutes a day looking after their children as a secondary activity. Pretty scary.

Picking ripe fruit at the school store is a skill I have mild ability in. Luckily it looks like a scientist has found a way to help shoppers: Professor invents 'ripeness' sticker. The sticker is sensitive to a chemical fruit produce as it ripens. Soon you'll be able to look at the sticker and pick the ripe fruit. Amazing. (Hat tip:

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Robert M. Lindsey said...

"Picking ripe fruit at the school..." This line confused me at first.

Janine Cate said...

He meant to say, "Picking ripe fruit at the store....."

I will go and change it in the post.