Monday, June 26, 2006

Up coming carnivals

Summer is here. You may have some extra time for blogging. If you have been wondering about what to blog about, you might consider joining one or more of the following blogs:

Carnivals with entries due June 27th:

Carnival of Education - Melissa Wiley, of Here in the Bonny Glen, will be hosting this Wednesday. email: thebonnyglen (at) gmail (dot) com Go here for more details.

Carnival of Pregnancy - NerdMom, of Nerd Family, is hosting again. Here are the details, and submit here.

Carnivals with entries due June 29th:

lone star home schoolers - This is a new carnival, focused on home schooling in Texas. Brandi Webster, of Lone Star Academy, is kicking this off. Go here for details and how to submit.

Carnivals with entries due June 30th

Carnival of Unschooling - Joanne, of A Day in Our Lives, has picked up the torch and will be hosting the next Carnival of Unschooling. Go here and here for details. Send submissions here: (mention carnival in subject line)

Mom Bloggers Carnival - Jennifer James is kicking off a carnival of mothers who blog. That should include a few million bloggers, so spread the word. Go here for more details.

History Carnival - will be hosted July 1st at Chapati Mystery. Send your submission here.

Carnivals with entries due July 2nd:

Carnival of Family Life - will be hosted by Jennifer at Snapshot. Go here for details.

Now if you still haven't found the perfect carnival to join, there are a couple hundred more here.

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Melissa Wiley said...

Great roundup! Thanks, Henry. You might also be interested in the Field Day (nature study carnival) being hosted by By Sun and Candlelight.

Anonymous said...

"Extra time?" Are you kidding? I'm busier now it's summer than I ever was during the "school year"!

Seriously though, thanks for the carnival roundup!