Monday, April 17, 2006

Announcing interviews with Why Homeschool

Michael Shaughnessy interviews people connected with public education. I have been reading these interviews for almost a year. I really enjoy them. He interviews authors, leaders of education organizations, professors and so on. He has mostly focused on public education and education at the university level.

I find the interviews to be very useful. I've been exposed to a wide variety of people, and their ideas about public education. It has been fun to get to know these people on a more individual level.

I asked Michael for advice on how to do interviews. He gave me some good advice and asked if I'd like to be interviewed. You can read his interview of me here.

My wife and I will be doing interviews with people connected to homeschooling. Normally we'll email a set of questions and then post the questions and answers.

We'd love to know who you'd like us to interview. Also, let us know what kinds of questions you would like us to ask.

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christinemm said...

Hi Henry,
I have found that experienced homeschoolers often have a lot to say and have lots of wisdom.

I have heard regular parents give great homeschooling conference sessions. I have heard wonderful advice shared at homeschool support group meetings. Also experienced homeschoolers often know some of the real issues with homeschooling and have some interesting stories to tell.

Homeschooling parents who formerly had kids in school also have very interesting stories to tell about whatever bad things went on that were unacceptable to them.

The big names in homeschooling such as the published book authors are not the only ones who have things to share. I suggest that you do interviews with some regular people, you could start with some of the bloggers who contribute to the Carnival, for example. You could also ask us if any of our friends would want to be interviewed. I have very wise friends who don't read the Carnival and don't read blogs and/or are too busy homeschooling their kids and living life to connect with other homeschoolers online.

Also I wanted to ask if you have ever read the Nancy Lande books. I found those long interviews with the families very interesting and they could provide some ideas for questions to ask.

I would suggest that you ask about socialization because that is always a hot topic with the public and with people pondering homeschooling. I'd love to hear how different people define socialization and how they see that their children are socialized.

I would also love to hear each person tell how they find balance in their lives, how they prevent over-scheduling, etc.

I'd like to hear if they've ever had burn out and how they got over it and/or how they prevent it.

Lastly did they HS through a crisis, what was it, what did they do with the homeschooling/how did they adapt it, what did the parent learn through the process and what do they think the kids learned.

How about a question: "What is one thing you've learned about homeschooling that you didn't know about before"?

I would be happy to be interviewed if you think I am worthy!