Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Is there a way to get statistics on comments?

I like Site Meter. And after some recent discussion I've been conviced I should try out StatCounter and MyBlogLog. These do a great job of tracking how many people are reading your blog, where they come from, and how long they stick around.

I would also like to have some way to gather statistics on the comments on my blog. Is there some way to see how many comments we are getting each month? Or what are the top posts for generating comments? Or who is leaving the most comments?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Almost Lazarus said...

I saw this write up today:

NerdMom said...

I have the comments on my blog emailed to me. You could put a filter to direct them to a folder and just keep track that way.

DAN said...

Hi Henry:

My wife Melissa forwarded your post to me because she thought I might have something interesting to share about this topic.

I've been working on an article rating system that works on all blogs. You can see it on the Lynchburg, Virginia blog. This should tell you not only what articles are the most popular, but why -- were they funny or interesting, topical or easy-to-read?

If you check out the sidebar on the Lynchburg blog, you'll see that when I vote on an article on my MT blog it appears on all the other batBack sites. Getting exposure to a hundred or so users is a pretty cool thing, eh?

It's also free. You just copy and paste one line from your email to your blogger template to make it work.

I have been thinking about making it part of the commenting system. That would give you the statistics you asked for -- but it might be a while before that is finished. In the meantime, I thought I would tell you about this. It might be something you find useful.

Seems like everybody wants blog statistics! I think the more precise information you can get, the better. I hope I can help out in some way.

Henry Cate said...

Doc, thanks for the URL. That looks like it does pretty much what I want. I plan to start using it this weekend.

nerdmom, good thought. I do get the email when comments are added to the blog, but I've been deleting them. Maybe I should be saving them.

Dan, that article rating system looks cool. Looks like another thing I'll have to check out. Good luck with it.