Monday, February 13, 2006

News from some Google alerts

I've signed up for several Google alerts focusing on homeschooling in the news. If you haven't checked out Google alerts, give it a try. I've entered our site, the names of my siblings, homeschooling patterns, and other stuff. It is a nice way to get the news on something you care about, the moment the news is reported.

Here is some of the recent news about homeschooling which Google alerts lead me to today:

Isabel Lyman (of The Homeschooling Revolution) has a good column at the Cato Institute. She responds to a recent speech by President Clinton about the need for more government control of homeschoolers. She says "This is truly a case of government's attempting to create a remedy for a problem that does not exist." She goes on to point out how homeschooling children are doing very well.

Susan Wight, head of Home Education Network in Victoria, Australia, also has a nice column about how children who have been homeschooled are turning out well. The column started out mentioning how a teacher had turned to homeschooling for her own children.

The Courier-Journal has a positive article about the growth of homeschooling, and some of the business aspects of the variety of curriculums.

Update I (14 Feb 2005)
As Daryl (of HE&OS) says in the comments Isabel Lyman's column was originally written back in 2000. Isabel says thanks here. The Cato Institute does have a "February 13, 2006" on the column. Maybe yesterday was a slow news day and they recycled the news, with the hopes that no one would notice.

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Daryl Cobranchi said...

Google (NOT) News alert. Izzy's piece was first published on Cato's site 5/31/2000. I don't know why it showed up again almost 6 years later.