Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Major problem with public schools, a principal's opinion

Dr. Terrence Moore is the principal of a K-12 charter school in Colorado, Ridgeview Classical Schools, in Fort Collins, Colorado. The school was recently ranked the number one public high school in Colorado. Over the years Dr. Moore has interviewed many teachers, trying to find good ones to hire.

He recently wrote a column, The One Economic Job Mr. Greenspan Can't Have, about the problem of hiring qualified teachers. He constantly gets certified teachers that are not qualified to teach. He refers to the recent John Stossell 20/20 report and says:

"What virtually all politicians and pundits are unwilling to say, however, is that the leading cause of this failure is the incompetence of the nation’s teachers, and that incompetence is guaranteed by the monopoly of ed-school certification."

He hammers on the point that the major reason children are not getting an education is because the public school teachers don’t know the material they are suppose to be teaching.

He has written a number of columns over the last five years. I’ve looked through a few and enjoyed what I've read.

(Hat tip: Joanne Jacobs.)

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