Monday, February 27, 2006

Homeschooling bumper stickers

Isabel Lyman recently posted some fun Homeschooling bumper stickers. I asked her where to get them and she provided me with these links:



I am surprised there are so many choices. I'll pick out a couple in the next week.


ottoblotto said...

Also try for funny homeschool bumper stickers

mcqueen said...

i like the mom and dad make the best teachers.. i strongly agree with that.. we learn our first lessons from them.. love the message but i still have to think if it's worth the post in my car's bumper .. or another sticker would be better

Anonymous said...

there were some great bumperstickers on sale at

Anonymous said...

9 great bumper stickers at

Makayla Bray said...

Wow this interesting. I am actually new to this one, homeschooling bumper stickers. Thanks for sharing this.