Wednesday, January 25, 2006

That Socializaton Question again.

We received a comment asking about socialization.

Monica describes her situation and ends with this question:
.........I guess I would like to know if Homeschooling all my children, would hurt them socially. Interacting with other kids.

I must admit I was surprised by the question. I thought nobody believed anymore that the public school did a good job of socializing.

So here's my answer to Monica:

Are you asking about manners and social graces or popularity? School doesn't teach good manners and I really don't care if my kids are popular. In fact, I expect my kids to stand up for what is right reguardless of the social pressure. I expect my kids to be willing to stand alone, if necessary. Children learn this type of socialization by their interactions with adults. Children "socializing" children ends up looking like "Lord of the Flies."

From your comment, I suspect that you are more worried about the responsibility of educating 7 children than winning a popularity contest. It is scary to leave that which is familiar. I went to public school. All my friends went to public or private school. The first few years of homeschooling were the hardest. I was worried about "keeping up with the Jones." Now, I put my energies into helping my children become adults who use their unique gifts and talents wisely. I am over joyed to see how much better my children handle social situations than I did.

Spunky has a recent post called, Learning to Socialize, which also address many of the "socialization" questions.

So anyone, feel free to jump right in with your links and comments on socialization. Also, if you are a homeschooler with a large family, we would especially like to hear from you.

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eyeovthestorm said...

You have a very interesting blog! I have a blog about homeschooling on my site as well. I will be returning to get updates about homeschooling.