Friday, January 20, 2006

Selections from Carnival of Education - week 49

I know. I know. This is a week late. I've been distracted.

Jenny D. hosted last week's Carnival of Education. (Week 49) Here are some of the postings I found interesting:

Janet of the art of getting by talks about how in her experience, guidence councilors have been pretty useless. For the record I don't remember ever meeting a guidence councilor in high school.

Casey Lartigue on What Would You Say If You Weren't Afraid? makes the argument that vouchers aren't perfect, but they are better than what we have now. He says that opponents to vouchers will exaggerate the claims for vouchers, and then show how vouchers don't solve world hungry. Casey says yes vouchers don't solve everything, but they are better than the current system.

Partialy in response to George Will's column that the best way to improve education would be to shut down schools of education, the Posthipchick writes about a fellow student in education who is incompentent, but the professors keep passing her. What value does a teaching credential have if anyone can get one?

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Renegade Blogger said...

Guidance counselors are like...apples. There are good ones and bad ones. As a second semestor high school senior (almost done!) I can say from experiance that the amount of "guidance" and help with colleges will depend on how much of an effort you make to see them. Its plain and simply, you dont go see them, they most likely wont find you.
Just keep in mind that there actually are good ones out there(mine for example) and that just because one person has a bad experiance doesnt mean everyone does...