Monday, January 23, 2006

Does a good homeschool curriculum include video games?

I have always enjoyed good strategy games. I can spend hours and hours playing games like Civilization II or Master of Orion II. When I start to go overboard I'll give the CDs to my wife. She'll hide them until I ask for them again.

So it is exciting to see Instapundit write about the value in playing video games. Strategy Page reports that American troops have some great advantages over soliders from other countries. They say:

"Another big American advantage here is that U.S. troops can quickly get into the computerized training systems and further enhance their combat skills. A major problem with computerized simulators and wargames is the time it takes to learn to use them. But most American troops see this stuff as just another computer game, and get right into it. Whoever thought all those hours spend playing videogames would prove so useful on the battlefield."

Now maybe I'll be able to talk my wife into letting me have a unit study based on the new version of Civilization, Civilization IV.


Scott W. Somerville said...

I'm a Civ II fan...

Let's be honest. I'm a Civ II addict. And I think it is a great way to make the grand sweep of history more meaningful.

If you have 200 hours free.

Which I don't.

Which doesn't seem to matter.

Which is why it's an "addiction."

Henry Cate said...

It is nice to know there is a Civilization Anonymous. They even have a 12 step program:

Check out what the "MEMBERS: THEIR STORIES" section, especially the first video.

Andrea said...

We used Age of Empires (1,2 and 3) as history curiculum. :)