Monday, December 19, 2005

Selections from - 19 Dec 2005 mentioned several interesting articles today.

Michael Shaughnessy has a list of influential educators. All of them were people who seem to be trying to correct the existing system. There weren't any homeschoolers.

Michael Shaughnessy also had an interview with Edward R. Amend about the emotional needs of gifted children. It is an interesting interview. If you have gifted children with issues, it is worth checking this out. Dr. Amend had this line: "The research has been fairly clear in suggesting that the degree to which a gifted child's educational needs are being met is an important factor in their overall adjustment."

Scott Jaschik has an article about the effects of 9/11 on education. Since the terrorist attacks the government has been slow to let in students from other countries. Many people seem to be concerned that the United States might be losing the dominance in education it has held for so long. There are some signs that the government might be allowing more foreign students to come study here.

Dallas News has an article on how Mr. Murdock, the state's official demographer, has been trying to improve education in Texas. One of the lines in the article worried me a bit: "For years, Mr. Murdock has been telling us that if Texas wants to be a competitive force, it needs to get more kids to graduate from high school and college." It almost sounds like how the Wizard fixed the Tin Woodman by giving him a diploma. The real focus should be improving education, not in gradulating more people from highschool. They are related, but if you focus on higher graduation levels then you can miss what is really important.

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