Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Links to interesting postings - 28 Dec 05

We were gone for most of Monday and Tuesday. One of our family traditions is we taken an annual train trip to Sacramento, hang out in Old Town Sacramento for awhile, and then return. I think we got started doing this because we had been reading The Boxcar Children books. I've been slowly working through some email, various blogs, and stuff around the house. What follows is selections from stuff posted over the last four or five days. Enjoy.

Joanne Jacobs put up a post yesterday commenting on an editorial in the Washington Post by Susan Goodkin. Susan says that because of "No Child Left Behind" gifted children are being slighted. I think the issue of gifted children being ignored, or given less oppurtunity to develop their talents to their fullness, has been an issue for longer than the last six years. As I mentioned in a post earlier this month Cheri Yecke in The War Against Excellence had interesting data on the amount of money spent on helping gifted children.

Spunky relates an incident with her husband when he pointed out how homeschooling can be like climbing a mountain. Go read the whole thing.

At The Education Wonks, EdWonks posts about an article on a school which has started teaching Chinese.

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