Monday, December 12, 2005

Links to interesting postings - 12 Dec 05

EdWonks has a couple interesting posts. In one he links to a column by Joel Turtel who examines the importance of reading and the consequences of illiteracy. EdWonks is not impressed with Joel’s analysis of the problems with public education. Joel has written "Public School, Public Menace" which explores areas in which public schools are harming our children.

EdWonks also has a link to an article about how an Illinois school board may ban whole milk, but OK nutritious potato chips and candy.

Townhall's education site linked to a column on the double standards of the NEA. There has been a recent commercial blitz asking Wal-mart to reach a higher standard. S. Alex Bohler points out how in general the NEA fights any calls to push education to a higher level.

Instapundit links to a posting by his wife on why so many of this generation of children are fat. She has one solution, "Potato Guns!"

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