Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Selections from "The Education Wonks"

One of the best blogs I've found for education issues is The Education Wonks. The blog is run by a teacher in California, who goes by EdWonk. He does a great job of keeping on top of many of the latest issues and thoughts about education.

Forty weeks ago the first Carnival of Education appeared on The Education Wonks. Since then the carnival has been hosted a few times by other bloggers, but it is mainly organized by EdWonk. There have been dozens and dozens of links to interesting postings.

The following are selections from this week's Carnival of Education:

Rhymes With Right points out the double standard of pushing for special privileges for blacks and women in colleges.

Vernice Jones at Jones Blog has a powerful story about a woman who persevered.

Tim Fredrick has some interesting ideas about using Wiki to help with education.

Education Matters US has a posting about a School Superintendent who decided to go into deficit spending after the community decided three times not to raise taxes.

The Education Wonks have a lot more links to check out.

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