Friday, April 09, 2010

Space Access 2010 - Panel: World Space Programs & Projects - Clark Lindsey, Doug Messier, Dave Salt, Henry Spencer

Clark Lindsey started off talking about commercial space projects around the world.

It is an update from a similar panel discussion last year. You can get Clark's slides for this year's presentation here.

Kazakhstan has recently announced that they have invested in a land launch company.

Doug reported that Russia is building a new space port in the far east. Should be finished by 2015. Russia is building a family of rockets from two tons to forty tons. Russia is trying to be self contained, they are moving out of Kazakhstan. Henry said we have heard much of this before, so be careful.

Doug talked about some launches planned in the Ukraine.

Clark listed some activity in Europe. Spaceport Sweden is waiting for SpaceShipTwo to show up. The panel talked about Odessy Moon a bit.

Some UK activity: Virgin Galactic seems to be making progress. Clark mentioned Starchaser, they seem to have a hybrid rocket project. Dave said they seem to focus on expandables, rather than reusables. Dave also talked about Reaction Engines. Dave has a relationship with them, going back to the 1980s. They have an air breathing rocket. A few other companies were discussed.

There is a Project Enterprise in Germany. Two guys from there came to Space Access last year. They seem to be making some progress.

Two companies were listed for Canada. Henry said that the Canadian space agency makes noise about supporting new space efforts, but never provides money.

There is a group in Japan which has a DC-X like rocket. They got up to 40 km.

There is some agreement between XCor and some place in Asia, I think it was China.

A RocketLab in New Zealand had a launch, but they couldn't recover the second stage.

There is a project in India.

The full agenda for Space Access 2010, with links

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