Saturday, April 10, 2010

Space Access 2010 - Copenhagen Suborbitals/Frank Smith

Frank is a software engineer. There are two guys in Europe trying to build stuff. They have twenty or so volunteers. They got a lot of support from private donations. Denmark doesn’t have a space program, so there is some national pride in pushing this forward. They want to put people into space.

Frank showed a video of a rocket test firing.

The rocket they are working on is fairly small. It isn’t much wider that a person, and only 600 cm tall. The space for a person is barely big enough for a person. They have plans for a launch in August.

The craft is suppose to float, so if it lands in the water they should be able to recover it.

Here is his report last year.

The full agenda for Space Access 2010, with links

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Anonymous said...

launch was scrubed ice made a valve stick but they will try again next summer

Henry Cate said...

Thank you for the update!