Thursday, February 11, 2010

More reasons to homeschool, from the archives

As I mentioned earlier this week, long ago, before Janine and I started blogging, I used to browse around the internet looking for reasons to homeschool. Here are a few from 2004:

Reason to homeschool: To protect your children from the NEA. This book review of "The Worm in the Apple: How the Teacher Unions are Destroying American Education" should cause any parent to consider pulling their children.

Reason to homeschool: To make sure your children read good books, instead of trash. In 2 lazy 2 teach Michelle Malkin starts with:

Have you checked your child's summer reading list? Beware: Some lame-brained school officials have decided to ditch the sonnets of Shakespeare for the tripe of Tupac.

Reason to homeschool: To teach your children about money. Teach Kids About Money....Or You'll Pay For It! (Steve Moitozo has a few more reasons to homeschool here)

Reason to homeschool: To protect your children from lead poisoning. School district ignored lead hazard. Lead-tainted water in Seattle schools stuns parents has more information.

Reason to homeschool: Because school lunches aren't always safe. Elizabeth Lane Lawley gives the details in another reason to homeschool.

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