Thursday, April 02, 2009

Space Access 2009 - Paul Breed - Unreasonable Rocket

Paul blogs about their experience at his blog Unreasonable Rockets. They had a rocket just outside the conference room here in Phoenix.

Here is one of their recent flights:

Paul talked about their activities in 2007 and what they learned.

It takes about four hours to drive from their shop to Mojave. They are tired of the drive. They are trying to do more near their home. For example they've done some testing of their controls on a remote control helicopter.

Here are some of the things they have learned in 2008:

Simpler is better

Still lots of details to get right

You can't ignore performance problems

They have learned to test in a non-destructive way. (Gave public thanks to Armadillo for tips on non-destructive testing.)

People need help, we can get paid to work on this stuff! Pretty exciting to be getting paid to work on rockets.

Paul showed a video of some of their testing.

Paul the son took over.

They are self funded. They are looking at selling flight services, up to 60 kilometers.

Unreasonable Rockets is willing to help other people develop rockets.

Paul spent several minutes thanking several people and groups of people.

The full agenda

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