Saturday, April 04, 2009

Space Access 2009 - Panel on Lunar Lander Challenge

This was an unscheduled panel. There were a number of questions during various presentations about the Lunar Lander Challenge, so Henry Vanderbilt decided to have a panel on just the Lunar Lander Challenge.

John Carmack says it is important to make getting up in the air and flying a priority, otherwise it is easy to constantly design and sub system testing. It is important to budget for spare systems, because you will lose at least one.

Paul Breed said it is important to keep things simple.

David Masten agreed. They started with a twelve engine design, and are now at four engines.

John Carmack said that tethers are good, but important not to have a long of stuff which can snag.

Paul Breed said that when the hardware is complete, the vehicle is not done. The software is important. Paul's day job is with embedded software systems. They record everything on a memory card, so if there is any problem, they can look at the data.

The full agenda

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