Friday, April 03, 2009

Space Access 2009 - Michelle Murray - FAA AST Experimental Permit Program Lead

Michelle Murray said if you launch rocket that you need to get permission from the government. The rules are different for Amateur Rocket vs. comercial. Need to talk to the AST at least 45 days before the launch. And may need to talk with the air traffic control, like if near an airport.

Class 1 - The Amateur Rocket rules were recently expanded to be more flexible. Now have three classes of rockets: model rockets, high-power rockets, and advanced high-power rockets. Need to keep things safe, but more relax than other rocket rules. For example don't worry about the environmental impact issues.

Class 2 Operating Limitations were listed. Have to follow all the rules of Class 1. One of the Class 2 rules was you can't launch through clouds.

Class 3 Operating Limitations - these are more restrictive.

The applications needs to include things like the number of rockets, expected altitude, and safety precautions you are following.

She said that the industry needs to keep things safe so can stay with the flexible rules we currently have.

The get the regulations go to here:

Browse for "Title 14" and look for:
Part 400 for Licenses & Permits
Part 101 For Amateur Rockets

Michelle has spoken at the last couple conferences. Here is my report on her 2007 and 2008 presentations.

A rocket going to orbit is not under the experimental rocket permit process. If a rocket goes to orbit you need a license.

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